The importance and management of customer reviews for businesses

Collecting opinionsIntroduction

Customer reviews are crucial for businesses these days. A positive review not only strengthens the trust of existing customers, but also attracts new customers. In this post, we’ll explore why reviews are so important and how to manage them effectively.

The importance of customer reviews

Customer reviews provide businesses with valuable feedback about their products or services. A positive evaluation strengthens the trust of existing customers, while a negative evaluation gives the business the opportunity to improve and develop. Reviews also help potential customers make a decision to purchase your product or service. A good review can increase your business reputation and sales.

Collecting reviews

Collecting reviews is not always an easy task, especially if we are present on several platforms. Google, Facebook, and Product Finder are perhaps the three most popular places where customers can leave reviews, but there are many other platforms where customers can share their opinions.

How to manage reviews effectively

In order to manage reviews effectively, it is important for businesses to actively engage with customer feedback. This includes regularly checking reviews, handling negative reviews in a constructive and professional manner, and responding to positive feedback. Businesses should also encourage their customers to write reviews!

In conclusion, customer reviews are essential for businesses in today’s competitive market. An effective review management strategy can help businesses improve their products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and attract new customers, so every business should pay attention to managing customer reviews and opinions effectively.

Advantages of automated assessment management

An effective solution to this problem is the automatic collection and management of reviews. With our help, we can integrate a system that displays the reviews on the website. This system automatically pulls in all the reviews from the connected platforms (there are more than 100 platforms) and is also suitable for asking for reviews and ratings from customers who have contacted the business.

Furthermore, it can be integrated into most webshop engines, such as WooCommerce, with which we can automatically ask for opinions and measure satisfaction after placing the purchase, after a certain period of time, or even immediately.

Depending on what stage your business is in and what campaigns you are running, you can create automations that ask for opinions accordingly, so that there is complete harmony.

Responding to feedback with artificial intelligence

We have the possibility to respond to the evaluations received with AI, which we can also publish directly from the admin interface. This is, of course, part of the system after the subscription, which we can use freely.

It can respond to reviews quite well, depending on what they write. It takes into account the tone of the review, address, etc., but if we do not fully agree with the answer written by the AI, we have the option to edit it.

Management of possible negative reviews

The system does not collect the possibly negative opinions we request on the central interface (we can define this, for example, to collect all new opinions on Google or on Facebook), but on its own interface, where we have the opportunity to deal with the problems that arise in the in relation to our service or our products.

We can define the number of star ratings below which the opinion should not be published on the central interface. Regardless, the evaluation is visible and available to anyone on the system’s own interface, it is not hidden, but it is not yet visible.

Unfortunately, if a negative evaluation is received directly on Facebook, Google, or any other opinion gathering interface, we cannot handle it in this way, but it will not appear on our website.


Collecting and managing customer reviews is crucial for businesses. They help us better understand our customers’ needs and provide opportunities for continuous development. With the help of the system we have integrated, we can make the collection and management of reviews simpler and more efficient, which contributes to the success of our business.

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How does DigiWit come into play?

We undertake the integration of the system into the website and its complete setup, so that after that the opinions are collected and managed practically completely automatically with minimal attention.

Of course, we will teach you how to use the system, but you won’t have much to do with it, just answering the opinions, which requires a little attention.